Promote Your Business With Quality Content

Content marketing is a very important part of internet marketing. The word “content” refers to everything that is written on your website, local listings and social media. The simplest type of content is your business information, including your business name, address, locations served, etc. For businesses that provide services, accurate and easy to understand descriptions of those services help the customer understand what your business is about.

When you provide helpful information, the value of your website increases. When Google decides (using complex computer analysis) that your site is helpful to consumers, Google increases the ranking of your site. When customers search for your services, it will be easier for them to find your company.

Content also includes images, so it is recommended to add photos whenever possible on your listings and use images appropriately on your site. Google uses the quality, quantity and originality of your content as a factor in deciding how to rank your company in search results.

Quality Text and Images for Your Website and Listings

In content marketing, more content is better but only if it is good quality content. Never use duplicate content or content from another site. Write your own original story about your business.

Write a Compelling Description of Your Business

Who do you serve? What services do you provide? What do you do differently than other companies?
Prepare your “elevator speech” An elevator speech is a clear, brief message or “commercial” about your business. It communicates who you are, and how you can benefit your customers.

Benefits of Great Content Marketing

The most important benefit is you should see an improvement in search results. Google “likes” great content and when Google likes your website, good things happen.

Another benefit to developing good content about your business is that you will be prepared when you decide to build a website. Having content available for a web designer will improve the quality of your website and help development move more quickly.