Why is WordPress So Popular?

wordpress advantages

WordPress is a very popular and solid website development platform for the design of search friendly and mobile friendly websites. Numerous add-on features, themes and great support are just a few WordPress advantages.

WordPress Advantages

  • More than 66 million websites are using WordPress.
  • Support is excellent and easy to find.
  • WordPress creates searchable, mobile friendly websites.
  • WordPress is free. Open source. The code is available to anyone for free.
  • WordPress developers work continously to improve and add features.
  • WordPress is built on a solid foundation.
  • There are thousands of designs (themes) to choose from.

WordPress is Search Friendly

WordPress is designed with search engine optimization in mind. This provides a foundation upon which you can build a search friendly, well optimized website. This makes your site easier to find when searching.

WordPress is Mobile Friendly

Every website we design includes “responsive web design“. Responsive web design makes the website be “responsive” to any size device. Your website will display and function properly on desktop, table and mobile phone screens.

Your mobile friendly website will be easy to use. An important benefit is that mobile phone users can search and be able to read clearly and navigate your website.