Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is performed to make a website more visible to potential customers. Get more customers to see your website to increase potential revenue. Effective SEO requires technical knowledge, research and effective content strategy.

We use leading SEO tools for keyword research, link building, content strategy, performance enhancement and on-page technical search optimization.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is considered by many to be the best web developmemt and design frameworks available today. Applying professional search engine optimization to a WordPress website is an effective way to build successful business websites.

WordPress SEO refers to search engine optimization of WordPress websites. WordPress websites are “SEO ready” by design and are one of the best and most popular web development frameworks. WordPress offers tools like Yoast SEO are specifically designed for WordPress website optimization.

WordPress Website Optimization

Search engine optimization is done to get higher placement in search results. WordPress SEO focuses on optimizing WordPress websites.

The goal is to make your business more visible to potential customers. We learn about your services and research keywords that you want to rank for.

SEO gives your business a greater chance of being found by the people who search to find businesses like yours.

We specialize in WordPress SEO that optimizes your WordPress website for better search results.

SEO is an ongoing process that requires a significant marketing budget. If you’re working with a limited marketing budget, make sure you get your business listed on Google, which doesn’t require having a website.

SEO involves developing website content (text and images) and structuring the code (HTML) according to web design and search engine optimization guidelines.

WordPress SEO follows the same guidelines and has an additional plugin that is useful called Yoast SEO.

SEO Services We Offer

WordPress SEO

Improve Google ranking
Improve site structure
Create and Optimize Content
Increase backlinks
Keyword Research (Rank for specific keywords)
Technical SEO
Website Audits

How We Can Help

If you have a website that looks professional but is not attracting customers or achieving your goals, chances are no SEO has been done or it has been done incorrectly.

This is not unusual since many discount website design companies sell packages that don’t include SEO and unfortunately customers aren’t aware.

We analyze your site to determine what is needed with respect to the goals of your business. We discuss the results in a free consultation.

We are experienced in all aspects of SEO including the technical, content and overall strategy. We will clearly explain to you in basic language what may be lacking and the best ways to correct if needed.

What is Content?

“Content” = website pages, blog posts and images

Content (the text and images of website pages) is a very important element of SEO. Consistent addition and update of quality content is needed to achieve good search engine rankings.

Social media pages and local business listings like Google My Business are additional elements that can contribute to greater exposure and search rankings. None of these activities will produce positive results without a proper marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategy

Communication with and understanding of the business is an absolute requirement for any successful search engine optimization effort. Goals must be defined. The purpose of the business must be clearly understood. One must be familiar with the services and purpose of the business. A strategy must be developed that includes keyword research, where keyword phrases that potential customers are using to search for your services are recorded.

Once the right keywords are selected, the content of web pages must be written that includes the keyword phrases while being helpful to the reader. The technical structure of the pages, invisible to the typical visitor, must be detailed according to the strategy emphasizing the products of services. web page content along with technical optimization of that content is a primary requirement for successful SEO.

Elements Of SEO

  • Attracts More Potential Customers
  • Original and Creative Content
  • Accurate Sitemap
  • Correct Robots.txt
  • Effective Page Titles
  • Description Meta Tag
  • Structured Site Navigation
  • Breadcrumb Lists for Easier Navigation
  • Create and Optimize Useful Content
  • Proper Anchor Text
  • Optimize Images and Proper Alt Tags
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive Design